martes, 15 de noviembre de 2011

Trinity Exams

After so much brainstorming, reading and writing... after so many presentations and conversations that came up for the sake of practice... after training for so long and brushing up ideas trying to find the best way to express ourselves, the day has come. While some felt anxious, others were really selconfident. Finally, all of us were close together in these feelings: the pride and happiness given by the achievement of this year's Language aim: Trinity Exam.
Apart from the excellent results, we feel absolutely satisfied by the process. It has been a pleasure to see the students talking about the topic of their choice. They had the chance of illustrating it with any visual material or element that would make words tangible. Not only did they talk about a specific topic, but they also showed their capacity to hold a conversation about any topic the examiner brought in.
It is essential to highlight that some of these students entered the school one or two years ago and had no knowledge of English. Congratulations to all the Language teachers that have been part of this process since the day NFS was born!

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